Informasi Umum



Pusat Bahasa, or The Language Training Center, has been established by Hamzanwadi University in recognition of the importance of foreign languages in the work and career aspirations of academic and professional Indonesians. To extend the scope and effectiveness of the language training offered by the university it was decided to integrate the English teaching at SELTU (Staff English Language Training Unit) and the teaching of other languages to staff within one central organization.

To accommodate current and future demand for its services, the Language Training Center is located in a purpose-built center on the university campus, offering spacious and fully-equipped premises for language training. The center coordinates and implements long-term language training programs not only for Hamzanwadi University staff and students but also for staff and students of other higher educational institutions in Indonesia as well as for the public. In addition, it is expected to have an increasing role in satisfying regional and national training and testing requirements.